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Make your website an automated sales driver

In 2010, a company’s website was viewed more as an advertisement rather than the hub of today’s business.

By 2020, your website must generate digital leads automatically and convert them into customers in a process that is systematic.

However, many companies still shy away from this step: There is a lack of budget, skills and capacities.

Everyday project-life doesn’t leave time or desire to work on a website relaunch. We know that!

Your new website shouldn’t become a “technology construction site”.

Technology doesn’t sell. Technology digitizes your lead and sales process, automated and scalable.

In 2010, creating a funnel often required complex development projects. Almost every part in the process had to be developed independently and a lot of pioneering work was needed for each individual piece of software.

The risk of the website relaunch being an expensive flop was always large – in other words, it often became a technology building site that neither generated inquiries nor reduced costs.

Return on investment? Pah!

Is your website generating the number of leads and customers to justify your spending?

If your website is not optimized for digital sales, advertising measures will fizzle out.

They’ll cause frustration and only cost a lot of money – instead of making money.

But: You are in the right place to change that!

More Leads & Smooth Customer Acquisition

The driver for digital growth through your website is your digital marketing and sales process, a so-called a “funnel”.

With the right funnel, you can:

  1. Generate inquiries (automatically) online,
  2. Convert prospects into customers.

Your website is the center of attention.

For businesses or anyone considering making a purchase, interest starts with your content. It then requires the supplementary lead magnet in order to develop into purchasing intentions.

You arouse interest via search queries from Google (organic or through paid ads) and via social media (also organic or paid).

Your website converts visitors into leads and your CRM system (with integrated marketing automation) converts prospects into customers.

9 Crucial Steps To Your Website Relaunch Success

  1. You choose a CMS (Content Management System) such as WordPress, Drupal or a HubSpot CMS (we will be happy to advise you on your selection).
  2. Content first!
    You create content for your Buyer Persona. Remember: it is always the content that turns visitors into prospects and it is the content that converts your prospects into buyers!
  3. At the same time, you create a new design (this is important so that the website relaunch transports your company’s branding in a contemporary way, while your customers enjoy useful and helpful content).
  4. If you really want to win prospects and customers automatically, configure your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system (e.g. HubSpot), set up your sales funnel so that your sales team can process prospects directly.
  5. You migrate your content or maintain the new content in your CMS.
  6. Important: Don’t forget to prioritize tracking. Otherwise your marketing may run at full speed, but fly blind. That can be expensive. You can achieve traceable tracking on your website, for example, through Google Analytics in conjunction with your CRM system.
  7. Important: observe GDPR conformity!
  8. Your website goes LIVE!
  9. You gain prospects, analyze the performance of your content and continuously improve it on the basis of your performance indicators in the CMS, CRM and your analytics tool.

These are the steps to successfully implement your website relaunch – and to form the basis for ongoing quality!

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How to Start your Growth Engine!

And so you can start right away

  1. Would you like to plan your website relaunch yourself?
    Download our free website relaunch checklist here.
  2. Would you like to speak to us and create an individual plan for your website relaunch together? Book here a free consultation!

By the way: As a digital agency, we offer you full service with the following services for your website relaunch:

  • Potential analysis of your existing marketing activities
  • Definition of your digital marketing strategy (Personas, Offers, Funnel)
  • Create lead magnets and conversion offers (guides, ebooks, videos)
  • Create landing pages
  • CRM setup and configuration (HubSpot)
  • Create conversion emails
  • Lead and sales funnel setup with WordPress
  • Planning, setup and optimization of social media campaigns (paid)
  • Planning, setup and optimization of Google ad campaigns (paid)
  • Planning, setup and optimization of SEO strategies
  • Tracking Setup (Google Analytics and HubSpot)
  • Web design and UX design
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By the way: This landing page is also a funnel!

So you can see straight away how it works. It’s even a funnel that is created and maintained by a virtual team of global freelance experts – 100% digital and without staff shortages!

Download our Website Relaunch Guide

Our free Website Relaunch Checklist includes:

  • CMS selection
  • Content migration
  • Integrations (APIs)
  • Multilingualism & multi-country content
  • Individual design
  • Website relaunch quick tip
  • Accessibility
  • Search function
  • Hosting & Support
  • SEO
  • Website relaunch budget tip
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Bright Solutions

About us as Bright Solutions

Bright Solutions is a full-service digital agency from Darmstadt and Hamburg, Germany

From conception to development, support and operation of web projects, mobile apps and cloud app projects to performance marketing, we lead our customers‘ digital projects to success.

Our strength consists of the power of virtual teams of freelancers.

In particular, trends, best practices and tech-standards can be answered in full by our teams.

CEO Manuel Pistner on project success

My journey began as a passionate computer science student and technology enthusiast until I founded Bright Solutions. I learned through my own company: Technology doesn’t sell. Technology alone does not grow your business or your sales. Technology doesn’t win customers.

I am therefore convinced that the use of technology can only really make a significant contribution to the success of the project if the right marketing strategy, the right content orientation, the right tools and, above all, clear, measurable goals interact.

As a full service agency, I have aligned my company Bright Solutions in such a way that our customers can always achieve long-term project success beyond the complex details of the technology – without the stress of usual website projects.

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